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    Results are out. A conversation between Bhuvan and his father.
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    1. BB Ki Vines

      “Bohot naseeb waalo ko pehle haar milti hai..Safalta ki asli qadar usi ko hoti hai jo pehle haar dekh chuka hota hai..” Keep Sharing, Keep Loving! ♥️

      1. Anibesh Mohanty

        Hn bhai

      2. Suyash Shivalkar

        I cried so much

      3. SANKET

        Ha bhai

      4. MONSTER

        Big fan sir please shout-out dedo

      5. Atharva Ramdham

        Mujhe jo karna hai vo koi puchata nahi bas sab apne lagate hai hamesha mujhe dusro se compare karte hai

    2. Amjad Khan

      Kash sub ka parents asai soch rakha tho koi bhi students suicide Nahi kargayi give up kar gayi 👍👍

    3. Sanjay Verma

      What an actor😘

    4. Aditi Moriya


    5. Hiralal Umesh Kumhar

      The first time I failed in maths exam I cried a lot,but after that I never failed and maths became my favourite subject🙂,papa ne datta tha but Kabhi Kuch galat Nahi bola


      I remember being scolded after getting 96.33% by my father. Not because of marks, but he said "meri beizzati karayega. as he always does"

    7. Nikita Laad

      Best video literally made me cry 😢

    8. Boogyman

      This video have another level..I love BB..he is our voice.. Long live

    9. Prakhyath Shetty

      sir......this is the best video made by you bb bhaiya

    10. kartun netburk gamemes

      Bb ki vines 20 m subs on just 170 videos for a reason


      Legends ❤️

    12. ansh deep singh

      Ab toh marks hi bhavishya banayenge 😔😔😔

    13. ayush khare

      Dislike wale nark me jao bhai

    14. Shubhamdeep 01

      Real content 🤩

    15. Shubhamdeep 01

      These are emotions

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    17. Shubhamdeep 01


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    28. Shubhamdeep 01


    29. Shubhamdeep 01


    30. Bhakti nath

      You are the real hero bro ..big fan of u

    31. Bloody Katana

      Bhai lekin aise parents sab to nhi hote na yaar

    32. Aman Tiwari

      Thank you bahiya to spread our message to our society

    33. Luckey Saini

      Thankyou bhuvan bhiya i am so sad about my marks in maths but after watching this video I'm feeling better now


      Powerfull content, it actualy provides a healthy motivation. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    35. Yogita

      My parents are also like babblu uncle

    36. Tanishq dhingra

      I am suffering from this man my boards are coming i really don't know what to dod

    37. Pranav Ugalmugle

      The Great...

    38. Govind

      17k dislikes are from non understanding parents😢😢

    39. sanskar makhijani

      Thanks brother ☺️☺️ exams chalu hai bohot stress tha ab relife feel kar raha huu thanks very much😁😁


      Aaj kal ka yehi hai rog Ki kya sochenge log 😭

    41. sanjay kumar

      Never give up .....

    42. Shubham Ji

      3:51 These lines hit me hard. I am absolutely agree with you.

    43. Jyotsna Anand

      Bhuvan thanks thaf you made this video to spread a message to the world. I very much like your video.

    44. Kalpana Kundu

      I am proud of you

    45. Usha Sharma

      This is the best video

    46. Hamid raza


    47. Sangma Boy

      IAM Score 53% in 10th board and in 12 92% Score

    48. Ayush Pal

      This video is so motivational, I like it

    49. Subhalaxmi Pattnaik

      like chichore this story


      ⬆️ ⬇️

    51. Rayyan cheema


    52. Gunsmith Gamerz

      Kya Bhuvan Bhai aasu aa gaye, aaj aapne wo bataya jo dil Chu gaya

    53. Chandni Pradhan


    54. Sen

      Who tf dislike?

    55. Chand Rani

      It is easier to dream big...Everyone can't be Sachin Tendulkar, nor a successful creator like BB..these things work on luck.

    56. Chand Rani

      These things look much better in reel life..Inreality if you dont havegood grades there will be no respect, no good college and subsequently a life ahead full of harsh talks

    57. Shivam Chowdhary

      very Emotional 😭

    58. SAVAGE OP

      Legend yaar bro🙏

    59. Arka Das

      Every parent should watch this video

    60. muhammad ali


    61. Xain Rana

      Millions of people are striving for success. I hope they can find success. Love from Pakistan to the whole world.

    62. Dhruv Mali

      This video really made me cry

    63. Vloging AU R9

      I almost cried during this video.😔😔

    64. Vedant Vaid

      its a bitter truth...but... The single sheets of paper would decide our future...🙁🙁🙁

    65. Ishant Bhagat

      Hlo BB thanks you are a great man in the world

    66. Parihar Pavan

      He is the best youtuber ...

    67. Vibhor Punjabi


    68. Web Escape

      Indian parents need to be like this!!

    69. siddharth dey

      this man requires much more respect than we give him...Salute Sir...You have my respect!!!

    70. Aryan Dixit

      I Love how Mom n Dad wants do things they don't understand just because their child like it. Blessings are your Parents, may God bless them all ❤

    71. B.S. Mahalakshmi

      Script chodo...character chodo....bhai ki Acting words

    72. musicbyhuntrex

      Failed in Maths from 11th first Unit Test till the last, but passed in finals. Same happened in 12th. Got 23 in first preboard, but then started the work and got 87 in the second preboard. Got 76 in the boards and was so proud of myself!

    73. Apoorva Mishra

      Was thinking about suiside too You saved my life . As soon as i opened PAmost your videos made me laugh and happier and this one made me realise how wrong it is to end things Thank you

    74. june

      i started crying help

    75. imakashAK

      The works of true influencers 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    76. Pranav Anand

      What really wins hearts, " Ye kar lega, hoshiyar hai" . That's the confidence every kid deserves from his/her parents:-)

    77. Sangeeta Malhotra

      Really bb you are great person, 😭

    78. Talal Farooq

      Jin chutyo ne dislike kia ha inke he parents ungli krte phirte hyn!!

    79. Sharbani Datta


    80. Daily Updates For You

      Dusro ki tali mai dekhte rega na Tho Apna niwala hamesha kam lagega

    81. Fiery Wizard

      Got 66% in 10th board relatives and parents said to take commerce but i take sci and scored 92% in 12 the board now all relative's son taking my advice 😎 hardwork pays off

    82. Karan Chauhan

      Probably the 1000th time watching this, and still that "itna pressure hai" line hits;)

    83. Ariyan Samanta

      Dil ki baat!! ❤❤

    84. vikas mahajan

      What a video!!! Brought tears to my eyes

    85. Hustle With Rajveer

      Everytime i see this video, it makes me Cry Love You Bhuvan❤

    86. JoKeR GaMiNg

      Mera dimag ma Bhi yahi chal raha ha

    87. Raj Sain

      भाई साहब बहुत अच्छा 😘😘😘😘😘

    88. Md Azharul Islam Hasan

      BB ki best vedio ever ❤️❤️

    89. muhammad waheed ansari

      Love You Bro Love from Pakistan

    90. Pritpal Sidhu

      I started crying when I saw bb’s expression We should always explore our talents and work on it

    91. Haripal Singh


    92. parv shah

      Bhai nice one

    93. Desh Ka Nagrik

      I don’t know I didn’t failed in any exam but i cried midway while watching this video

    94. NIRANJAN .0

      Everyone deserve a dad like this

    95. Priya Dabas

      Dislikes r another youtubers..and who scoren90+

    96. Amit Massey

      Jitni bar bhi dekhu yrr lekin ye video tumhari sabse jyada achhi lagti hai emotional KR deti shayad double like krne ka option hota to jaroor krta

    97. smarty 220

      Bahut badiya bhai...Bahut he badiya ..

    98. Its Jashan


    99. khushal Parmar


    100. NASA